Stevie Sightz representing OHLORD!

Get to know Stevie Sightz a Christian Hip Hop Artist,Pastor,RN, Poet, Producer and Writer!

We are so proud to introduce you to this amazing talented Christian Hip Hop artist: Stevie Sightz! For you To get to know our brand representatives a little better we set up some questions that gives you insight in who they are and what they represent.Lets go!

Blog Introduction OHLORD®

"leaving my old ways behind and to put God first and my life drastically changed for the better!  I transformed from a lost person without purpose to finally knowing my direction in life and feeling and knowing that I am unconditionally loved! I want to share that message with everybody"

"I want to accomplish this to work with Artist from different backgrounds to spread the Love message. In the coming Blog post I will cover the introduction of some Christian Hip hop artists I’m working with, who not only have a God given talent but as well have amazing testimonies you don’t want to miss."