Stevie Sightz representing OHLORD!

Get to know Stevie Sightz a Christian Hip Hop Artist,Pastor,RN, Poet, Producer and Writer!

We are so proud to introduce you to this amazing talented Christian Hip Hop artist: Stevie Sightz! For you To get to know our brand representatives a little better we set up some questions that gives you insight in who they are and what they represent.Lets go!

How and when did you start as a Christian hiphop adrtist?

I was doing secular rap in Detroit back in the late 90's and early 2000's. We attracted the attention of Clive Davis label and Roc a Fella and was on my way to the big apple when GOD told me to walk away. I left the street life and music and followed him. Almost 10 years later...fueled by the coming of so many young men and women to Christ, the LORD awakened the desire to make rap for HIM for this new generation. The results was The Witness Stand released in 2014, and followed up with the Blue Project in 2018...and coming soon, the Album 2020 which has an upcoming release date with the single "Ride for tha faith" being released already with a growing hashtag #Rideforthafaithchallenge trending on tik tok and Instagram. So we are out here soldiering on for Christ! I am also a Pastor here in Pontiac MI and use Hip Hop as a drawing tool for those who have turned away from Christ!

why did you choose to represent OHLORD?

OHLORD designs bring together Christianity and Hip Hop! Hip hop being a tool that has captured our youth mixed with Christ becomes a powerful tool for anti violence and unity! The LOVE Unites mission is synonymous with this Ideal as well because GOD is love...and HE covers us just as OHLORD covers us with that dope brand!

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