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Blog introduction

Years ago, after years of searching for purpose in my life God spoke to me and said to leave everything behind and follow him. I took it very literally since I was a newborn Christian not familiar with the bible. I gave up my job my apartment and decided to go on a foot journey to Africa. A week before I had planned to leave, circumstances prevented me from going. Needles to say this trip never happened as I came to learn more about Jesus and his purpose. Laying down my life and leaving everything behind can be done in a different way then actually physically leaving. I decided to Follow Christ with my life by living to spread the good news, leaving my old ways behind and to put God first and my life drastically changed for the better!  I transformed from a lost person without purpose to finally knowing my direction in life and feeling and knowing that I am unconditionally loved! I want to share that message with everybody.

After this “epiphany” All that I prayed so desperately for happened! I married the love of my life (who is as well a dedicated follower of Christ) moved to America, and now I have a registered Brand /trademark named OHLORD to help accomplish my purpose.


OHLORD is more than a brand, it's where we believe in us all being connected by love as one big family. LOVE UNITES!  We want everyone to know that they are loved. No matter what you have done, no matter who you are, Love is for us all. Unconditional Love! If we all could show love, the world would be a better place. OHLORD stands to spread the message of love in a fashionable way via our personalized design technique and creative use of unique prints on comfortable apparel.  We believe this is the start of something great, something much bigger!

We hope this way would generate money to also help the less fortunate. The more we have the more we can give and help others! that is my ultimate dream!

 I want to accomplish this to work with Artist from different backgrounds to spread the Love message. In the coming Blog post I will cover the introduction of some Christian Hip hop artists I’m working with, who not only have a God given talent but as well have amazing testimonies you don’t want to miss.

 If you know of any Artists in any genre who want to represent my brand and are followers of Christ do not hesitate to send them to me. The more the merrier!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and keep up the Good work for God!

Kind regards and God bless,

Owner and designer- OHLORD®


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